Episode 19

Published on:

17th Nov 2022

5 Steps to get back on track with your goal at the mid month mark

Do you feel the mid-month slump?

Either you have made some money and now you don't feel like working towards your original goal and settling with what you have already made OR you haven't made money and you check out of your business and want to wait for the next month. 

Then this episode is for you. 

In episode 19 of the brave marketing podcast, we are going to talk about getting back on track and in alignment with your goal, especially during the middle of the month. 

We are talking about : 

1. The 2 common scenarios business owners face at the mid-month mark. 

2. Understanding the attachment scale when it comes to your goals. 

3. What does it mean to create a committed, healthy relationship with your goals? 

4. The 5-step process to get back on track with your goals or set goals that you will always achieve. 

Let's go! 

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